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At The Denture Care Group Sunshine Coast, our team offer a comprehensive range of denture services including full and partial dentures as well as implant-retained dentures, relines and denture repairs. Our team of dedicated Dental Prosthetists are highly experienced and committed to providing the best possible care for our patients.

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New Full Dentures


A full denture is a removable appliance, designed to replace all of the natural teeth on either your lower or upper jaw, providing support for cheeks and lips.

Without this support you may find that your facial muscles start to sag. Having a denture will assist you with chewing, eating and speech, while supporting facial muscles to reduce sagging and giving you confidence in your smile.
Dentures—Dental Services in Caloundra, QLD


Partial Dentures


A partial denture is designed to fill in spaces of any lost or missing teeth. A partial denture will also preserve the rest of your natural teeth and prevent them from shifting into different positions.

There are several benefits to both your health and appearance by replacing any lost or missing teeth. Missing or lost teeth may also inhibit your ability to eat and also impede your speech. There are different types of partial dentures that we offer, including:

  • Chrome partial dentures
  • Valplast flexible partial dentures
  • Acrylic partial dentures
Partial Denture—Dental Services in Caloundra, QLD


Denture Relines


If your dentures are loose, uncomfortable or unstable it usually means they require relining. Dentures generally need to be replaced every 8 to 10 years. To help extend the life of your denture, we recommend that they be relined every 3 to 5 years.

If you are unsure whether your denture needs to be relined, we are happy to offer you a free initial consultation where we will assess the condition of your denture and help you extend its life and comfort as much as possible. Call us today to make an appointment.
Dentures—Dental Services in Caloundra, QLD


Denture Repairs


Unfortunately denture accidents can happen. Aaron Pryor is a well-respected and qualified dental prosthetist. With an on-site dental laboratory, Denture Care can guarantee you a fast turnaround for your repair. We offer:

  • Same day emergency repairs
  • Walk in emergency repairs welcome
  • Fast turnaround times (within hours)
  • Repairs outside of business hours
Please note: If your denture breaks, under no circumstances should you ever attempt to repair your denture by using superglue or any other adhesives. If you attempt to glue your broken denture back together we cannot guarantee that it will fit and function as it did before, and could possibly continue to keep breaking in the future.
Denture Repair—Dental Services in Caloundra, QLD


Implant Retained Dentures


If you are worried about your dentures falling out, then consider implant retained dentures, which are more secure. Our dental prosthetist will work with your dentist to achieve the best outcome.

Implant retained dentures are surgically inserted into your upper or lower jaw by your dentist. These dentures will give you confidence and a feeling like you have your own teeth.

So why choose implant retained dentures?

  • Secure and strong
  • Improve self-esteem and confidence
  • No need for denture adhesives
  • Implants help to maintain your facial structures by preserving the remaining bone in your jaws.
  • Minimises wrinkles around the mouth by restoring lost lip-support
  • Minimised gum tissue shrinkage
  • Improves your ability to chew — you can eat whatever you want and enjoy your food again.
Implant—Dental Services in Caloundra, QLD

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